Turkiye’ye Hosgeldiniz/ Welcome to Turkey

Finally in Turkey after 4days of hitchhiking. Im so glad that I made it. Going through Romania was amazing, I enjoy especially hospiatlity of inhabitants of the country. Now Im enjoying  turkish hospitalty. Istanbul is overhelming me with its energy and giantic  size of everything… It’s like micro-cosmos with thousnds of streams.

Romania.  Hitch with my romanian driver who invite me to his house for a dinner and he let me to sleep in his laweta-truck in the car factory parking. We drink some homemade sliwowica/balkanian tasty wodka and he even give a botle to Turkey 🙂

Romanian landscape-Carpathians



Main road to Turkey (the worst part). Symeonograd, Bulgaria



Direction Istanbul. Near the bulagarian-turkish border.


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